Best Studio Monitor Speakers 2016

The professional world of sound production often has numbers of advantages. Armed with certain pragmatism, quality solutions exist.

Dynaudio, DCS, Benchmark Audio, Adam, Focal, Bryston all have one foot in the world of the recording studio and in the contemporary Hifi. Their expertise is illustrated. Studio monitor of the speakers are often wrongly ignored by audiophiles. Many of them would fade some audiophiles’ marks to the result.

Here are the Best studio monitors reviews with different angles of viewpoint

Studio monitors ATC-SCM300ASL-Pro, a real professional precision tool

It is better to use an enclosure with traditional passive filters that poorly designed studio pregnant. The passive filtering tends to smooth out imperfections and the message sent inside. The phenomenon is well known, arranging and erasing fault upstream electronics.

So sometimes it is better to pick a passive speaker quality, smoothing micro-information for a seamless and pleasant result with a pair of monitor speakers with a low-quality electronic passing imperfections on the speakers. This partly explains the sound of certain active studio monitors, hard and tiring to listen with areas of the spectrum emphasized in the high acute medium to believe in a better definition.

From this purely technical point of view, the design of active speakers is more demanding and rigorous. They should be as linear as possible and with active electronics of very high quality. Only a few brands have this knowledge and therefore rival the world of modern Hifi or even exceed in many cases.

This is the last frontier that today divides the HiFi and the world of the studio into pieces. The famous musical of the audiophile world is challenged; the studio monitor speakers have made considerable progress in 20 years.

From a practical standpoint, the studio monitors have certain advantages. More compact, they will fit better acoustics in a hostile world called the family living room. Numbers of them have filters and corrections to change their spectral response especially in the grave. This allows some time to bring the back wall without devastating.

Another relevant point, these speakers often have better control of directivity least influencing resonances your listening, particularly in the acute medium. If you think about it with a certain pragmatism, a pair of powered speakers in a small room treated acoustically with well-chosen elements undeniably provides much more convincing results than a great chain Hifi in a large room with an acoustic disastrous.

Harbeth monitor 30.1 a rare reference Studio crossover. Highly musical!

Harbeth monitor-30.1

I checked more than once. Here is a list of findings; this brand is also good at monitoring the Hi-Fi speakers.

Featured active studio monitor speaker

You will find big names of the HiFi or lesser known brands of the general public everywhere. All these often listen to speakers in diametrically opposite configurations which have all suffered through against the same playlist.

You will understand that these are opinions taken from life with my own experience, not plays as our usual tests done in our favorite places plays. This guide is primarily for clearing the way and allows you to pre-select before purchasing.

Eve Audio SC207 or bite into the apple (1200 Euros on average per pair).

Eve Audio SC207

Eve Audio is certainly an unknown brand of audiophile and the general public. Yet these high-quality monitor speakers are the work of well-known Roland Stenz. Roland Stenz is the co-creator of a legend audio monitoring, the famous Adam Studio.

Genes are also similar and these small studio monitor speakers have similar characteristics to the German brand famous. Unusual technology in the world of the studio, Eve Audio uses tweeters AMT type of tape (as Adam) providing a sound with nice overtones very pleasant listening.

Sum up, we save the best for the last, Eve Audio is one of our best choices in our new point of view.

Hello, my name is Eric Wade, a member is about the Best studio monitors review.


Some Indispensable Items For Your Car You Cannot Afford Going Without

One of the most popular means of transportation in the world is cars, and each person spends at least certain hours a day in their car. A car is not only a vehicle, but it is also a shelter in severe weather conditions, a perfectly secret meeting place for couples, a family reunion hall, and a “luxury flat” of every car owner. It seems that your car might already has what you need, but it turns out that it doesn’t. Here are some requisites for your car that most car owners tend to neglect:

Cleaning tools

Of course, you need something to clean the mess you make, remove the dust, debris, and stains. Sometimes a best cordless car vacuum cleaner turns out an inconvenient and time-consuming solution because all you need is a cloth and some detergent or washing chemicals.

Car spare tire

No one wants a flat tire on the highway, but sometimes you might encounter that unexpected problem. It is always the best to be well-prepared for all likely situations, so you should keep a spare tire in the car trunk whenever you set off. By having an alternative at hand, you don’t have to waste time and money for calling a mechanic, or feel embarrassed and confused on the side of the freeway.

Flare alternative

You’d better off being ready for any possible circumstances during your trip. If you are dealing with your trouble and need to warn other moving vehicles on the road, a flare alternative can be your answer. The sign it manifests is clear: we have some troubles, please keep a proper distance!

Instrument kit

Every successful trip is packed up with versatile tools such as needle-nose pliers, a serrated knife, a saw, spring-action scissors, regular pliers, wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, etc. If possible, you can have a first aid kit instead. When you need to do basic and quick first aid, or you want to fix the tent pole, or you have to gather or cut wood, those instruments are paramount.

Portable jump starters

Jump starters make your car units and devices such as a cell phone, an MP3 player, and a camera, and so on always connected. Therefore, your trip will be much “smoother”. If you encounter car mechanical breakdown or the dead car battery, jump starters will.

Tissue paper box

Why tissue paper? Because those soft sheets of paper offer quick and easy-to-do solution to cleaning small stuff. If you have a running nose, a finger full of breadcrumb, then a piece of paper will take care of that for you.

Handy vacuum cleaner

A portable vacuum cleaner is an indispensable item for every car. It should be small and lightweight so that you can hold and handle it quickly, and put it away when not using. If the suction power is consistent, your car can be safe from stubborn road tar and liquid spills without scratching your car leather or the exterior surface.


Even your car is the latest model on the market, it still needs other versatile tools to ensure your best driving experience. Start to collect the items we have suggested above, and you will be free from controllable troubles. Our website is the perfect place for auto lovers which provides useful tips and tricks concerning automobiles, car parts and engines. We’d love to hear your thoughts on your driving experience and hope you enjoy your trip to the most.

Best Tips To Drive Cars Safely In Hazardous Conditions

Driving cars is hard to accomplish but learning how to control them in dangerous situations under unfavorable weather conditions is even more difficult. In fact, many experienced car drivers even some veterans still find it challenging to over obstacles on the slippery roads in winter or manage to accelerate on the slopes, and there is an increasing number of car accidents and injuries due to the ignorance of driving safety tips. This article is to provide you with useful guides on driving safely in hazardous conditions.

1. How to drive cars on curves and winding roads?

Control your speed

The control over your vehicle speed is paramount of all since your visibility and control is severely hampered in these situations. Remember to slower the speed when you are about to approach a turn, and when you go downhill. This technique will minimize the risk of running off the road, sliding, skidding and rollover. Besides, watch for the speed limits on the road. Don’t ever exceed the speed cap because you may end up having a driving ticket.

Coast smoothly from the apex of the turn

It is vitally important that you should pay attention to your brake since you may encounter a steep downhill. At this point, never accelerate but using the speed through the apex of a turn.

Mind your rear view mirrors

Before you enter the bend, check your rear view mirrors again to ensure your clear view ahead. Examine the road ahead: how it turns? How the width?

Turn on head lights on a curvy road.

What’s the point of head lights? Well, they help boost your visibility on shady and dismal roads. Shades from dense vegetation may hinder your vision and lead to unwanted events such as collisions and crashes.

2. How to drive cars in winter?

Make sure your car is in good condition.

Gear up your car and be well-prepared for the upcoming winter. Visit car shop to get the units, tools, and car parts you want. Tires should be the priority. If the tread of your current tire is badly worn out, you should replace it with a new one. Since the roads in winter are very slippery, you should also make an adjustment to your braking and take advantage of winter tyres fitted to enhance the friction forces. Also, double check your cooling system and antifreeze, the car battery, the wiper blades and the brakes.

Keep your car in 1st or 2nd gear on snow or ice.

To enhance the friction and traction on icy roads, you should keep a lower gear. Although it reduces your speed, a lower gear is the number one rule for winter driving safety. If you are about to turn, you should keep your gear low to control better the vehicle in the middle of a turn.

Use brake pedal gently.

A hard and sudden braking will lead to losing the balance and control on ice. Thus, a relatively little pressure is advisable.

Keep a safe distance

Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles and objects to avoid sudden stop and collision. In fact, you should maintain the distance as ten times as usual when you are driving in snowy condition. One tip for you: keeping about 20 seconds behind the car that is in front of you.

Accelerate when going up a hill

Try to gain some inertia before you go up a hill. This is a critical step to success in moving up on an icy road. Whatever happens, don’t stop half way of the hill!

3. How to drive cars in heavy rain?

Keep vigilant

When driving, you should keep your eyes open on the road, and turn on your headlights to see clearly at least 5m ahead. When you are driving in the dark or fog, use fog lamps to deal with poor visibility. Try to maintain a proper distance if you don’t want to have a collision.

Drive gently

Accelerate and decelerate smoothly and gently. Control the speed and pay attention to slippery places to avoid wheel-spinning, car skidding and losing traction. Using low revs, then change up to a higher gear and apply the same gentle approach to brakes, gears and steering.

Find shelters in storms

Stay in the car if you are caught in a bad storm, stay inside the car and call for help. It is advisable to inform your friend, family or a colleague of the destination you are heading and the time you get there.

To drive in adverse conditions is a tricky task. But if you equip yourself with useful tips and gear up your car properly, you can avoid accidents and ensure the safety of all people in the car. Bear in mind that you should always keep your mind sound and your visibility clear under circumstances.


Buying Or Leasing A Car: What To Consider

Having a new car is perhaps an important decision to make when you reach some point of life. At this point, you may wonder whether you should buy a new car or lease one. The question starts to torture you and you don’t even know what the better move is. Like our house, you should pay due attention and take into account all possibilities and preferences to final your decision. This post will give you some tips on make a wise decision on your new car.

Your current financial situation

Obviously, hiring a car often offers a lower monthly payment than buying a new one. The cost of the whole vehicle comes as a significant sum of money and can be unaffordable to many people. If you have a smaller budget, considering leasing a car. If you want to save monthly cash, you shouldn’t purchase a car since you will end up being broken sooner or later. As the budget is the deciding factor, you should figure out your monthly cash flow and your need of saving some before making the decision.

Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle affects all aspects of your life and having a new car is no exception. Are you a technologist or a technophobia? Do you want to enjoy the best comforts and latest technology to better your living standard? Do you love to decorate your car in your way or even turn it into a spectacular show car that might win a trophy at a local event? Do you have kids that are prone to damage the vehicle paint and interior carpet? List out questions like these and give them answers that will lead to a final choice.

The frequency of your driving

If you drive a lot during the week due to your work, you shouldn’t go for leasing a car. When you reach certain miles, you have to pay extra for each mile you run. It may sound discouraging and daunting and the fact, it is much more economical to buy a car if you have to use it every day for travelling.

How you treat the vehicle

Whether you treat your vehicle gently or not? Whether you are likely to leave scratches on your car or hazardous conditions such as tough roads, dangerous weather conditions? If you are hard on your vehicle, then buying a car may sound perfect. But if you find out that you can’t take a good care of your car, then probably a lease may not be a feasible plan. It is because the fee of wear-and-tear when you lease a car. It the fee is high, your bad habit and disregard will cost you a large sum of money.

You use the car for business purposes

There are two sides of ideas. Many people hold the belief that buying a car is a cheaper decision in the long run. Some side costs such as maintenance, insurance, taxes, down payments and monthly payments can make the correct calculation of the cost of leasing and purchasing a car. It turns out, buying a new one will take much money initially, but it will help save much of your expense later on.

On the other hand, many people calculate the tax deduction for a leased car and a bought car and reach to the conclusion that leasing a car is more beneficial. Since the tax on a leased car is deducted to some extent, many people don’t want to buy a new car and pay more tax for it.

Concluding thoughts

A car is one of the essential requisites of your life. If you plan on having a new one, try to look at factors from as many angles as possible to make the best choice. The best bet is to consider benefits in the long run, not temporary ones.